Growing in service


The health care needs of Alberta’s population are ever-changing. To ensure high-quality, compassionate and appropriate care through all stages of life, in 2013 Covenant Health established Covenant Care to meet the growing needs for seniors care and services in the province. As an important member of the Covenant family, Covenant Care offers supportive living, long-term care and hospice care to seniors. Covenant Care continues to grow in Alberta; evolving to better meet the needs of seniors within innovative environments in which residents and care teams can work, thrive and grow. The introduction of new models of care ensures residents enjoy the highest possible quality of life. The Butterfly Project at Villa Marie is Red Deer is one such example. There, residents with dementia are encouraged to get out of their rooms and be involved in day-to-day activities of the home; like folding laundry or helping to prepare dinner. Residents feel they are contributing and feel valued in their environment. Covenant Care has recently expanded Villa Marie to include 66 long-term care beds. Named in honour of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Teresa Place is the newest Covenant Care site. Located in Calgary, this new residence is designed with the needs of seniors in mind—ensuring resident safety, while promoting independence in a comfortable, home-like environment.

St. Teresa Place Continuing Care site in Calgary, Alberta is a total precast supportive living building and a successful collaboration between Armtec Precast, Covenant Care, FWBA Architects, MPE Engineering Ltd., Manshield Construction and Tech Cost Consultants. Located in Northeastern Calgary, this supportive living complex is 4-storeys in height, contains 250 units and has a gross building area of 205,000 square feet.


Laughter yoga is giving St. Teresa Place residents plenty to smile about. Clapping, deep breathing and lots of laughter are the focus of the sessions that are accessible to residents of all abilities.

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